Internship 3.0

The Klitschko Foundation is giving talented, ambitious students the opportunity to intern with a successful team!

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The third round of intern applicants was the largest so far, with 268 students showing interest and 38 of those getting the chance to join the team. Now they are working on projects like School of Success, Invite your friends – let’s play together, and Success Package, and are an integral part of the World of Good campaign.

  • 3 months internship
  • 268 applicant forms
  • 38 students become the interns

PR interns

Handle SMM and communications for the Klitschko Foundation.

  1. Egor Horoschuk
  2. Demyanchuk Anastasia
  3. Dziuba Catherine
  4. Natalia Druhak
  5. Oxana Kostenko
  6. Yevgeny Nesterenko
  7. Dmitry Romanchuk
  8. Joanna Umryhina

Education interns

Lead Foundation educational projects.

  1. Maxim Bilashenko
  2. Bogdan Anastasia
  3. John Velihurska
  4. Anna Ivashchenko
  5. Valery Izhyk
  6. Svetlana Lukanovska
  7. Ovcharenko Stefan
  8. Miroslav Romanchuk
  9. Oksana Sidorenko

Sport interns

Lead Foundation sports projects.

  1. Eugene Andreiko
  2. Gorban Nazar
  3. Dmitry Grushetsky
  4. Master Elena
  5. Roman Makarets
  6. Karina Nikyforova
  7. John Novak
  8. Dmitry Tkachenko

Design interns

Create the visual side of projects and SMM for the Foundation.

  1. Oleg Kopyl
  2. Jaroslav Lepekha
  3. Olga Okhrimenko
  4. Alina Fedchenko

Students from across Ukraine join our team to get invaluable practical work experience on Foundation charity projects.


Natalia Druhak Natalia Druhak student

Here the word 'intern' is just a word - you are part of a team of individuals working together. Every day you go beyond yourself - some tasks require nonstandard solutions, others you see for the first time - and Google can't help you here.

Dmytro Romanchuk Dmytro Romanchuk student

This internship was a new phase of my life - I learned to work in a team and got invaluable practical skills. The friendly team and organizers really inspired us to work and grow. The tasks were really interesting and helped us activate our own skills. Interning at the Foundation was an invaluable experience with a well of positive emotions.

Anastasia Demyanchuk Anastasia Demyanchuk student

I loved working at the Klitschko Foundation! The managers and organizers entrust you with important work and projects from day one. They listen to your opinions and let you get creative. If you have an idea, the Foundation gives you the space to realize it. You'll never be an office rat here - each day is a brainstorm of new ideas.

Karina Nikiforova Karina Nikiforova student

I have a ton of pleasant emotions and impressions from the internship. Interesting projects, friendly atmosphere, and a great team of both interns and Foundation staff. I had a great chance to gain new experience, deepen my knowledge, and meet new friends.

Anna Yvaschenko Anna Yvaschenko student

Interning at the Klitschko Foundation, I not only learned about the work of charity organizations, but also got to work fully on realizing Foundation projects. Work in the educational division helped me expand my worldview, improve my skills, and learn more about the Foundation's projects. The team is just amazing, really friendly and communicative. Each task gave me not only new knowledge and skills, but unbelievable satisfaction from the knowledge that I can help not only myself, but others as well!

Stefan Ovcharenko Stefan Ovcharenko student

Interning at the Foundation stimulates you to open new horizons. You'd think three months is a long time, but once you get into the Foundation's work you realize there's never enough time. The important thing in this flood of projects is to plan your time carefully, and they can teach you to do that here.

Project Team

  • Alina Nosenko director
  • Viсtor Kolesnyk Head of Sport Projects Department
  • Dmitro Kryzhanivsky Psychologist, Manager of Sports Projects


Internship 3.0

The Klitschko Foundation is giving talented, ambitious students the opportunity to intern with a successful team!

  • 3 months internship
  • 268 applicant forms
  • 38 students become the interns
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