Start to Success

Start for Success is a program for the reconstruction and renovation of youth sports schools across Ukraine.

Most sports schools in Ukraine are in a state of neglect. They receive no funding for maintenance, and children sometimes train in conditions that threaten their health or even life. We believe in the sporting potential of our country, and the Klitschko brothers are just one example. We try to give every individual the chance to become a champion!

  • 100 sports schools sent applications
  • 10 mln. uah invested
  • 10 sports schools repaired

Vladimir Klitschko initiated Start for Success in 2011 to modernize sports equipment, financially support athletes at international competitions, provide transportation for teams, update uniforms, and conduct masterclasses from leading athletes.

Renovated 50 % out of 100 % of the Cherkassy sports school
Wait for announcement of the new concurs in the near future

The Klitschko Foundation funds Start for Success through charitable donations and fundraisers. Since 2010, they host charity gala evenings to raise money for sports and education projects and to popularize charitable activity in Ukraine. Over 150 guests from across the world attend each gala event and participate in a charity auction. You can see how we put the money to use in our photo and video reports or by visiting renovated sports schools.

Start to success: bright moments of the year 2015 watch

The Klitschko Foundation works to improve sports schools across Ukraine, in every region, regardless of city size.


Andrey Vasilenko Andrey Vasilenko director of Poltave sports school, Poltava

We're really lucky that Poltava is on the list of cities with renovated sports facilities. On behalf of all our students, I'd like to thank the Klitschko Foundation for the chance to work out safely, growing strong phsyically and mentally in comfortable conditions.

How to take part:

Does your sports school or club need updating? Want to take part in our project? It’s easy! 

Who can apply?

Students, trainers, and administrative personnel from youth sports schools and other sports institutions.

Project Team

  • Viсtor Kolesnyk Head of Sport Projects Department


Tournament for Klitschko prizes

The only boxing tournament in Central and Eastern Europe in AIBA category A for youth with winners going on to glory in Europe and the world. For 18 years, the place to be for the best athletes from over 30 countries.

  • 1727 sportsmen took part
  • 32 countries represented
  • 720 boxers got prizes
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