We are a team that brings dreams to life

Do you know what the most important part of our dreams is? The will to make it happen! We are looking for ways to give everyone that chance. We believe that you can't lock children's dreams in a cage. We will fight for every one of them!

Why we do it

Did you know that

Did you know half of all residents of Ukraine gave money to charity in the past six months

Imagine the Ukrainian dream, 42 million aspirations and desires. Now imagine that they can come true! What amazing discoveries and achievements can be made! By joining us, you can make change happen: for yourself, for a child, for othe entire country.

We work with the future, with children: we help them discover their potential and bring their dreams to life. We've chosen areas that help children achieve the most in life: sport, science, education, and medicine. Working together, we create a space for social, emotional, and physical development.

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A fulfilled dream changes everything

Did you know that

according to the national rating of charity organizations 2012-2014, the Klitschko Foundation spent more on developing sport than any other chairty organization

By taking part in our contests, competing in tournaments, and learning new things in school, children learn to overcome the barriers imposed by their surroundings.

The fulfilled dreams of children gives us the confidence to realize our own dream: to give every child in the country the chance to do more. This goal inspires us to keep working even when the going gets tough. Skepticism always loses when we see what amazing things children can do.

How do we measure our success?

78 348 448uah ALL TIME DONATIONS financial reports
The results are shown in numbers, but we value what stands behind them. We see the potential in every child and are proud to be of help.

Tenders and procurement procedures of the Foundation

over the last three years

25 tenders organized and held at the begining of May 2017
22 companies won the tender at the begining of May 2017

Partner feedback

Olesya Zhulynska Head of Public Relations "Coca-Cola Ukraine" Olesya Zhulynska Head of Public Relations "Coca-Cola Ukraine"

Coca-Cola Company operates in more than 200 countries and 115 of them supports more than 280 programs of physical activity. In Ukraine, we are helping to realize a number of national projects that have a substantial public interest. The high degree of interest aroused by the initiative "Invite your friends - let's play together!", confirms the correctness of our steps along the way, and we are pleased to support the Klitschko Foundation in this project.

Alisa Lavrentieva Panasonic Ukraine Alisa Lavrentieva Panasonic Ukraine

Achievements are an obvious result of the collaboration of our Company with the Foundation. Promoting the environmental culture among the youth of our country. Gaining the right of the winners to represent Ukraine at the World competition. But the most important achievement, in my opinion, is a team of like-minded people of the foundation, who put their hearts and souls for a good deeds. Thank you and we wish you an inspiration and possibilities!

Natalia Larchenko Ulichnaya eda Natalia Larchenko Ulichnaya eda

The Klitschko Foundation team proved its professionalism in the organization of social projects with a transparent fundraising process and reporting to its partners and the public. The main factors in their success are their results-oriented approach and teamwork. We're pleased to be a part of their projects and do good things together.

Roman Tugashev Ulichnaya eda Roman Tugashev Ulichnaya eda

Work with the Klitschko Foundation was one of the main components of our brand's corporate social responsibility program. Working with them, we raised over 78K UAH, a result that speaks for itself. We like not only the Foundation's goals - which help bring up a new generation - but also their approach to work: creative realization of clear actions, active involvement of volunteers, and interaction with the public.

Lyudmila Prytula Samsung Lyudmila Prytula Samsung

Samsung Electronics Ukraine worked together with the Klitschko Foundation and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2014-2015 on the initiative "Samsung. Hope for Children" to raise public awareness of the issue of cancer diagnosis in children. Samsung thanks the Foundation for their professionalism in coordinating the work of the project's expert group, and for their transparency in procuring equipment with the campaign's funds.

Natalia Tymoshenko Nestle Natalia Tymoshenko Nestle

The Foundation sets goals to improve physical education among Ukraine's youth, and these goals coincide with those of Nestle. The Foundation team's experience, understanding of processes, and focus on results is clear.

impresion out of

Together, nothing is impossible

The exceptional happens - you just have to look. Miracles happen in each of our projects and in the story of each child. You already know why we do this, you know our successes and failures, all the difficulties and achievements we've seen. And you know that talented children across the country need your help. It's time to take action!

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