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Aspen Teens: fight for UA dream
An educational project for teenagers, where they will express their opinions on the future of Ukraine, offer their own concepts, and analyze the works of famous intellectuals.
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Over the past year, the question of Ukraine's place in the world and its future has become a major topic of reflection not only for Ukrainians but also for world leaders. Many experts are coming up with their own ideas every day, including why we will win and what our country will look like after the war. However, these discussions have long since lost their age restrictions. Teenagers are also interested in the future of Ukraine. They, like everyone else, are also experiencing the burden of war. This makes them think: what's next? That is why we need to develop a platform for such reflections, because our future depends on their outcome.


Through philosophical seminars, we are going to create a community of teenagers where they can express their thoughts, discuss, look for like-minded people, and form their own vision of the future of Ukraine. At the dialogues, young people will analyze texts by famous thinkers and give their opinions on the relevance of certain thoughts.

Who can participate?

  • Motivated teenagers aged 14-16
We invite motivated teenagers aged 14-17, who are studying in the 10th grade, ready to think outside the box, take responsibility for changes in society and become a voice for progressive ideas.

Project format

Conducting 2-day philosophical seminars in an online format. Each seminar will be attended by up to 20 teenagers. To ensure that as many young people as possible can participate in the project and find convenient dates, ten such seminars will be held. At the end of the project, a Reunion will be held for the participants of the seminars - a joint meeting in a safe place.



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The pilot project was organized together with The Aspen Institute Kyiv for 16 teenagers who had applied for the School of Success project but were not accepted. After the project, we realized that the development of critical thinking, leadership, and value formation is essential for today's youth.
This year we announced a two-day seminar for 20 teenagers aged 14-15. They are students of the 10th and 11th grades. Two seminars were held this year - one in the spring and one in the fall.
This year, together with our partners, The Aspen Institute Kyiv, we crystallized the structure of the seminar, which consisted of three days. 6 modules for discussion, a meeting with the speaker, and the final implementation of local projects by teenagers in their regions. Two seminars were also held during the year.
This is the first project to be translated into the online format of the ZOOM app. Just like every year, we were able to organize two online seminars. After that, the participants held local seminars just like in previous years, but also for the first time online.
The project continued in an online format, but now it is a 5-day seminar with a new program and challenges for participants.

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