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Democracy Hub in Switzerland
An educational project designed to foster democratic values, critical thinking, and civic engagement among Ukrainian youth, promoting the democratic revival of Ukraine. Implemented in partnership with Hirschmann Stiftung.
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In the context of a full-scale invasion, Ukraine confronts daily challenges to its democratic development. The general education system often falls short in imparting fundamental knowledge about democratic values and the importance of active youth participation in public life. According to a study titled "Impact of War on Youth in Ukraine," conducted by the Cedos Analytical Centre and the Info Sapiens research agency, a significant majority of young people (72%) express readiness to participate in the reconstruction process of their communities. Yet, only 1% claim they are already engaged in such activities. When asked, "What needs to be done to enhance your civic engagement?", nearly half of the respondents highlighted the need to create youth projects by and for young people.


In collaboration with our partners at Hirschmann Stiftung, we have initiated this project to empower Ukrainian youth by offering them a platform for active participation in the country's democratic processes. Additionally, the project aims to educate young people using the model of social and civic institutions in Switzerland, renowned as one of the most democratic countries in the world.

Who can participate?

  • Teenagers
Girls and boys aged 14-16 years old from different regions of Ukraine who speak English at B1 level and have an international passport.

Project format

Digital Course: Available online for everyone on the Impactum platform. Study Visit to Switzerland: 16 teenagers who complete the digital course will have the opportunity to participate in a competitive selection process for a visit to Switzerland.

Project program

Digital Course for Young People

    The course is free and available 24/7 for everyone. Teens can access the lessons on the Impactum platform. Throughout the course, participants will delve into democratic society, the Ukrainian mentality, digital democracy, and disinformation.

    Course Module Topics Include:

    • Understanding the philosophy of the concept of "Democracy"
    • Ukraine and the concept of Democracy
    • Digital democracy
    • Trust: government and media
    • Environment for development
    • Critical thinking and goal setting
    • Thinking: critical vs. analytical
    • Openness to other cultures, beliefs and worldviews
    • Civic responsibility
    • Flexibility and ability to adapt
Study Visit to Switzerland

    16 teenagers from Ukraine will have the chance to visit Switzerland and familiarize themselves with its social and civic institutions. This study visit aims to equip young individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to further the democratic development of Ukraine. Upon returning, each participant will submit a project idea to the Klitschko Foundation, designed to address a specific community issue. Under the mentorship of project management experts, participants will then bring these projects to life. Their progress will be continually monitored and evaluated to gauge the project's effectiveness.


If you have any questions, please contact project manager Vasyl Teremta at [email protected] or write to us on Instagram (@klitschkofoundation) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/KlitschkoFoundation/).

Vasyl Teremta

project manager

Project partners