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Eco ideas from all over the world
This is a project where teenagers create an eco-diary in which they describe and illustrate their ideas for preserving the ecology of our planet. The winner of the contest presents their ideas at a global competition.
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The current environmental situation has developed spontaneously in the course of activities aimed at meeting the needs of humanity. Humans have reached the heights of modern civilization by constantly changing nature to meet their goals. People achieved the results they expected, but received consequences they did not expect. At the same time, the environment is being polluted, forests are being destroyed, soil erosion is increasing, acid rain is falling, the Earth's ozone layer is decreasing, and human health is deteriorating.


Fostering responsibility for environmental protection, promoting environmental culture among children and youth, and involving children in environmental activities.

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Thanks to the project, I changed my outlook 180°, and now the fields of journalism and media have become an integral part of my interests. I developed my storytelling and fact-checking skills, as I was not familiar with these fields. I was also lucky enough to receive personalized feedback from the speaker, Tetiana Matychak. On her advice, I want to create my own Telegram channel, which will contain stories about my life or fictional stories. And one of the dreams I want to realize is to create my own project for teenagers about leadership and psychology, because I think it is important to prepare for adulthood. Therefore, I am grateful to the organizers for their inspiration!
Mariia Palyvoda
project participant