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Educational platform to support the mental health of teenagers
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According to the International Organisation for Migration, there are 6.5 million internally displaced people in Ukraine, including many adolescents who have experienced socially and psychologically traumatic events. They have faced loss, displacement, social isolation and other challenges and now need psychological support. Klitschko Foundation believes that every teenager should have a bright and happy childhood. Mental health is an important component of it, crucial for development, self-esteem and the ability to respond adequately to life's challenges. That is why Klitschko Foundation is launching a new program to help teenagers overcome the consequences of the war.


The programme aims to help teenagers cope with the challenges of war by creating a safe space for dialogue, education and psychological support.

Who can participate?

  • Teenagers
Girls and boys aged 14-16 from regions all over Ukraine

Project format

As a part of the project, a digital course will be created as well as an offline camp in Zakopane (Poland).

Project program

Camp for teenagers

A 7-day educational camp with the opportunity to immerse in a safe, friendly atmosphere and gain useful knowledge and tools for self-support in times of challenge.

    Participants will be able to: learn about the basics of menta health, explore their inner world to find answers to important questions, join a proactive community of like-minded people and receive support from mentors and experts. The camp involves working through sports, play therapy and education. Participants will be offered yoga, meditation, group discussions, self-discovery games, art therapy, and F.A.C.E. the Challenge (a method of Wladimir Klitschko that aims to teach how to turn problems into challenges).
Digital course for youth

You can join the course 24/7. During the course, participants will learn about the concept of mental health and its importance in the lives of young people. Topics of the course modules include:

    Introduction to mental health. We will look at the concepts of good mental health, the causes of psychological problems and how to recognise them, as well as the topic of emotions: stoicism and fanaticism. Depression and other psychological disorders. In this module, we will cover the concept of depression and its impact on mental health, as well as other mental disorders and their consequences. Improving work and study success. The topic will cover cognitive mindfulness practices, their impact on productivity, and emotional intelligence. Help and support. We will discuss the concept of self-esteem and its impact on mental health, techniques for helping yourself and others, how to build your boundaries, and how to behave in conflict situations. The science of well-being for teenagers. We will talk about achieving the goals of happiness and, of course, where to look for resources and value.

Timing of the project

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